Our expertise is based on many years of development and operation in Automotive Industry, such as Business Portals or Embedded Development. We are familiar with the business & IT processes and could provide many services to support your needs.
  • Individual Solutions to support business unit
  • Solutions in planning or after sales area, e.g.:
    • Individual solutions for service partners; Solutions for market performance centers
    • BI for planning and/or reporting; Web and mobile applications
  • VR/AR Applications; Big Data Solutions; Cognitive services; Cloud solutions
  • Embedded development (Modern protocols, Voice recognition, etc.)
  • Real time applications; DevOps, Test automation
  • Support and implementation of business process; High efficient managing projects
Business cases:
  • Mutual communication and collaboration between stakeholders (Contract-, sales-, service-partner, Supplier)
  • Data analytics for improving and support business units
  • Quicker search and analytics of data via voice recognition
  • Combination/consolidation of systems for creating large collaboration platform
  • Creating of powerful reporting applications
  • More efficient delivery management due powerful quality assurance and process automation
  • Enforces of collaboration due social networking or Virtual Reality technologies
  • Enforce using of applications on mobile devices
Customer Benefits:
  • Optimized using of resources and time through efficient and right applications
  • Quality improvement and ensurance
  • Optimization of delivery time
  • Support and integration
  • Stable and robust support by reliable development partner
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