Why choosing us
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We are having a large technology behind. Our team is capable to face wide range of challenges placed by a client. We provide unique technological solutions making your business more efficient.
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Software development

Realize individual solutions correctly for your efficiency.
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Is important for each and every enterprise even if you have antivirus or other solutions which are not cyber security products. Cyber security solutions are on their own.
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Cyber Security

Just if you are prepared you are safe.
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Startup Scouting: With our experience and a very large network, we are specifically looking for highly innovative and unique products that give your special solutions for the head start. With due diligence we support you in the validation of technical requirements and maturity of the products, support the further development and much more ...
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Startup Service

Take advantage of huge market potentials with our special services.
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Product Development

... even if you are not sure what you need or how you do it. We will make it for you, together with you. We navigate and support you.

Rapid Prototyping

If you urgently need a solution and you are on a tight clock or not sure about the feasibility…. PoC (Prove of Concept) or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) would help you...
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IT & Business Services

Our team will develop a unique product just for you. Safe your time. Secure your Business Solution.
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While you are focused on your core business, we lead your project to success! We use a broad technological palette in a qualitative and cost-effective way. Only best fitting professional specialists are working on your project. We could build the dedicated project teams.
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Outsourcing Nearshoring

We provide Your project with highly skilled teams of professional. Save your time and money with us.
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You get with us any of 4 levels of support. High level of application management, multi-level managed services and proactive maintenance. All your products could be supported and monitored 24/7.
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IT Support & Maintenance

We are agile team who introduce and master DevOps to provide best service and performance.
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Hybrid Models
Taking into account the proven models we develop new products according to your specific needs. Our competences ensure appropriate project "Mixture" and increase efficiency and quality.
Turn-key Project
We manage and perform Turn-key projects, if desired combined with agile model.
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Project Management

Project management and development as a success-critical factor.
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We provide a reliable technical guidance and advice in different fields: IT, Finance, Automotive, Engineering, Travel and Hospitality, Social Media etc. We will develop unique business case for you or will improve your current business case. Make your business more efficient. Reach more with us.
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Engineering Consultancy

We provide a reliable technical guidance and advice in different fields: IT, Finance, Automotive ….

Some Interesting Facts

Cost cutting
Direct access to know-how
Process optimization effectivity
Increase in effectiveness
Why outsource
76.9 Billion USD
Market volume of outsourcing
Improve user experience
Increase level of quality
How it affects your business
Increase client revenue growth
Enhances service quality
Lower cost of delivery
Project experiences


Contact us

Rotebühlplatz 23
70178 Stuttgart – City Plaza

Phone number: +49 711 4900 8305

Fax number: +49 711 4900 8200

Email: info@geo-it.eu

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