Social Media Marketing

Our portfolio contains expertise is based on a large variety of social media applications that are making it much easier to create a targeting commercial.
  • Support and improvement of your media systems
  • Development of a social media platform for a specific business
  • Development and optimization of the sales process
  • Combining products with social net
  • New feature development & integrations
Business cases:
  • Improving, strengthening, supporting the product, business in the direction of social media
  • Business analytics based on Big data
  • Advertisement management system
Customer Benefits:
  • There are basic products that adapt well to AVS, Microsoft etc.
  • Possibility to manage different advertisements for different clients, their rates as well as various custom options
  • Applications allow creating campaigns based on rules in order to provide more accurate targeting grounded on user’s location, device and other options
  • Generates instant analytics reports to provide advanced analytics that gives advertisers the ability to make well-weighted decisions and to manage their campaigns at every stage
  • A high performance video advertisement service with B2B business model
  • An extremely high fill rate video advertisement on every platform, including mobile. In comparison to competitors, which have less than 5% probability for ad will be shown to end customer, GEO-IT platform provides up to 40% chance for the impression
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