Travel & Hospitality solutions

Our expertise gives us a possibility to develop a product and solution that meets the rising customer expectations and could solve some of the industry’s most complex operational challenges.
  • Integration between different target groups based on analytics, we could create functionality for analytics based on Big data
  • Booking engine & challenging searching engines
  • Extensive online city and country guides.
  • Web Solutions
  • Design and develop mobile application
  • Speaking technologies and voice recognition
  • Automatization, analysis and automation of work processes
  • Document and Content management systems (DMS, CMS)
Business cases:
  • Individual Booking systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Reinforce of social collaboration and integration
  • Visualizing using Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Strengthen Marketing
Customer Benefits:
  • Lower software development costs with no need to hire in-house team
  • Faster time-to-market for your solution
  • With GEO-IT you could increase online customer engagement due to users sharing and recommendations
  • You could reach stronger customer relations due to loyalty and guest experience solutions
  • Due to our customer experience solutions, you would attract and retain more loyal customers and deliver personalized service
  • Via full automation, you could achieve greater process and operational efficiency
  • Get additional revenue via finding new areas and platforms. Reaching this is easier by utilizing technology
  • Due to GEO-IT expertise you could create unprecedented customer value by generating more visibility
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