Software and Hi-tech

Software development is the creation of products/solutions and surplus values! We master this discipline. The procedure is very efficient, the results are highly qualitative, the solutions are very robust and optimal for the actual productive life. We can cover the technical specialist domains in a targeted and specialized manner with specialized teams. We are the software Atelier!
    In addition to special services, software developments can be mastered in a broad technological range, whether it is web/mobile applications, eCommerce, cloud, BI, Big Data, Voice Technologies, AR / VR, Embedded etc.
  • Support for ongoing developments at all levels
  • Process improvement, task forces, project management support
  • New software development with different technologies
  • Digitization of processes and operations. Hardware development (Embedded, Firmware)
  • Analyze and convert existing solutions to new technologies
  • Rapid prototyping, MVP, DevOps, Complex real-time applications
  • Quality assurance and test automation at a very high level
Business cases:
  • Your processes or business need a special software solution
  • Running SW development requires support or special know-how
  • You need rapid prototyping
  • Your solution should be used as quickly as possible (MVP, Minimum Viable Product)
  • You need a real-time application
  • You want to develop complex and effective solutions with highly qualified and correct experts
Customer Benefits:
  • Reduce cost and time due to no need to hire developers and manage a project
  • Decrease of management risks
  • We guarantee you highly professional approach and results
  • You get a lot of external know-how and experience from international, national and large-scale developments
  • You get both development and DevOps, maintenance, support from a single source
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